Jason, Acupuncture (and YOU) are the best!! My neck, head and shoulders responded like magic! After days and days of pain, spasms and tightness, I finally slept through the night and woke up rested. Solon, IA

I came to see Jason in September 2010 because I was suffering from fibromyalgia and hormone imbalance. I had this problem for 6 years. It caused me constant widespread pain, excessive weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, and depression. It also made it difficult for me to function, even for simple every day tasks. I tried medications, physical therapy, steroid shots, and chiropractice, with limited results. Within a few treatments with Jason, I began feeling better physically and mentally.

Acupuncture for Infertility I sought out acupuncture treatment through Jason after traditional medicine continued to fail our efforts to have another child numerous times. It was only AFTER we combined Jason’s acupuncture services with treatment at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics that we managed to fulfill our families dream of having a second baby. - North Liberty, IA

I have had several acupuncture treatments at North Liberty Acupuncture. The treatments were for different problems and after different sessions I came away much relieved from the pain I was having. Some were subsequent sessions to correct some things and others were corrected in a single appointment. I recommend anyone see Jason for acupuncture. - Iowa City

It was a very relaxing atmosphere. This was my first time having acupuncture. I was very surprised at how good I felt afterwards. Jason pinpointed areas where I was having pain and when he worked his magic, the pain was gone. I would definitely recommend Jason to others! - North Liberty, IA

I initially came to Jason for help with my TMJ. I had chronic jaw pain, and my jaw would sublux whenever I yawned. Simply through observation, Jason was able to determine I also had headaches and nausea frequently – so frequently I assumed it was normal. I now feel better than I have in years. - Iowa City, IA

I came to Jason seeking an acupuncturist trained in Japanese techniques because it is so tailored to specific pains. I am a marathon runner, and while training for my 5th marathon, developed plantar fasciitis in my heel and bursitis in my knee. I was unable to run for an entire season. Through working with Jason, I have gradually progressed to the point where I can once again train as before. - Cedar Falls, IA

This is a great clinic! Because of Jason’s work, the migraines are gone, the colds are gone, and the once constant arthritis pain is almost entirely gone. I really appreciate his wide knowledge of all aspects of acupuncture and herbal treatment, not to mention his calm and caring demeanor. - Cedar Rapids, IA

I was having spasms in my back and Hot flashes Jason helped me with both, then I hurt my back at work workman’s comp won’t pay for acupuncture I am bummed I know it would help. Get thru this and I will be back Jason is GREAT! - North Liberty, IA

While living in Colorado, Jason Burke was my acupuncturist working on my problems with RA, diabetes, neuropathy and blurring eyesight.. The improvement in lessening my pain was excellent, allowing me to forego OTC pain relievers. Most remarkable was the improvement in my vision allowing me to regain my depth perception for the first time in years. I highly recommend Jason to anyone!" - Donna, 62

I came to NL Acupuncture in September, 2011 because I was suffering from migraines. I had this problem for more than ten years. I had migraines every day. They were very intense and interfered with all aspects of my life. They also made sleeping difficult, and I was considering dropping out of college. I tried many, many medications, but they only helped a little. After two treatments I was able to return to classes. I am now at least 80% better. - University of Iowa

My first visit with Jason was in July of 2011 and I’m not exaggerating when I say that his treatment not only provided IMMEDIATE relief, but I was pain-free for much longer than with any other of the more “conventional” routes I’d taken in the past. He asks lots of questions and he really listens to the answers without ever making me feel rushed. Jason is extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and he and takes all time that is necessary for each individual patient. RB, Cedar Rapids, IA