Paper: Acupuncture Heals Injured Peripheral Nerves

Based on dozens of peer-reviewed studies, this article explores the mechanisms by which acupuncture promotes healing in injured peripheral nerves. There are a lot! The bottom line: We have found that after peripheral nerve injury… the entire nervous system is … Read More

WaPo: Does acupuncture work for chronic pain?

“A 2018 meta-analysis of over 20,000 patients in 39 high-quality randomized controlled trials found that acupuncture was superior to both sham and no acupuncture for back or neck pain, osteoarthritis, headaches and shoulder pain. These outcomes mostly persisted over time β€” even … Read More

How does acupuncture work?

Thanks to Justin Chin for this fun, succinct answer to the number one question to every acupuncturist. The video focuses on pain, which is the most well understood of acupuncture’s benefits, among many others.

Study: Acupuncture for Urinary Cancer Symptoms

Acupuncture reduced pain and urinary symptoms in patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer… according to recent research presented at the 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting…. In this study, β€œit seemed to reduce both pain, and β€” in … Read More

Study: Acupuncture for Stroke

Acupuncture can modulate the bilateral cerebral hemispheres to restore abnormal FC [functional connectivity] via different targets, thereby promoting motor recovery after stroke. from Neuroimaging mechanisms of acupuncture on functional reorganization for post-stroke motor improvement: a machine learning-based functional magnetic resonance … Read More