The Art of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture isn’t just a spa therapy. It has delivered life changing results for centuries. 

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Classical Herbal Medicine



Acupuncture is the art of helping the body do what it naturally does: heal.

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What makes the acupuncture at Blue House different?

My approach may be unlike what you’ve tried or heard about. In most cases, I use just four needles.  It is an old practice, passed on by Buddhist monks through oral tradition. It’s called Sa’am.

Traditional Sa’am Acupuncture

Sa’am is unusually potent. How can only four needles be so effective?  When you give the body a clear message, it gives a clear response.

Because it is strong medicine, I do it the way it has always been done. That means the needle technique is a little stronger. Like with a deep massage, you’ll know that brief discomfort brings relaxation – and wonderful results.

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“Working with Jason helped me to believe that getting better and actually letting the body heal over time was possible, a reality I hadn’t let myself find, and that just getting by wasn’t good enough anymore.”


Md Board of Acupuncture