How To Prepare Herbal Foot Bath

  1. Boil two pots of water (about 12 cups).
  2. Add boiling water to bucket with 2-3 sachets of footsoak herbs.
  3. Boil another pot of water (6-8 cups)
  4. After allowing the herbs to steep a few minutes, add two pots of cold water to bring it to a safe temperature.
  5. Bring your bucket and the third pot of boiled water to your chair. Soak feet! Add hot water as it cools.

Cautions and Contraindications



•Metastatic cancer

•Acute cold/flu

•Within 7 days post-surgery


•Open wounds or burns on feet, ankles, or lower legs


•Bleeding disorders

Cautions and Considerations:

•Avoid doing foot soaks if you are hungry

•Avoid doing foot soaks under a draft

•Avoid if bleeding heavily during menstruation

•Caution with unregulated hypertension, making sure your provider is aware of your condition

•If using teabags in a bath, do not recline and submerge your chest in water, stay in an upright seated position

•Similar to a vigorous workout, foot soaks are stimulating if done longer than 20min, therefore if using at night only soak for a shorter duration (>20min)

•Keep your feet dry and warm after your foot soak