Clockwise: Jason, Rachel, Ori, Bina, Sophie

Jason Burke, L.Ac.

I received my master’s degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine in 2002 from Emperor’s College in California, one of the oldest Chinese medicine schools outside of Asia. The 4-year program includes extensive coursework in biomedical subjects, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and clinical training. 

Since then, I have spent thousands of additional hours learning from many of the best practitioners in the world. The great advantage of practicing acupuncture in this place and time is the ability to study different styles. I am fluent in several traditional styles, which is very helpful in tailoring treatments to different people and solving tough clinical problems. (Learn more about my approach to acupuncture here.)

As an herbalist, I favor the movement toward classical sources. That means supporting the body’s innate healing mechanisms with precisely tailored formulae. (Learn more about my approach to herbal medicine here.)

Originally from the Boston area, I enjoyed working in Iowa City for several years. Because folks often came to acupuncture as a last resort, it was a challenging and rewarding practice. When people see results, they come to trust the process and therefore get more benefit.