Study: Acupuncture for Postpartum Depression

Acupuncture may improve depressive symptoms in patients with PPD, and the mechanism may be attributed to changes in the amygdala sub-region structure and the functional connections of brain areas linked to the processing of negative emotions.

Study: Acupuncture for Long Covid

Acupuncture’s applications are so broad because it works through normal bodily healing mechanisms via the nervous, circulatory, and immune systems. Researchers in the UK are finding success treating long COVID with a 6 week series of acupuncture. Dr. Imogen Locke, … Read More

Paper: Evidence on Acupuncture is Underused

Acupuncture is often ignored by decision makers in favor of treatments with less evidence to support their use for conditions like post-stroke aphasia, migraine, pain relief, depression, opioid addiction, inhibited lactation, allergic rhinitis and dementia. Bottom line: You have to … Read More

Tree Peony (Mu Dan Pi)

Tree Peony

Giving patients the best plant medicine available is important to me. That’s why I order all of my whole, raw herbs from Spring Wind, an importer in California (despite crazy shipping fees – ulp!). Not only do they have the … Read More

Jié Gĕng (Platycodi Radix), Balloon Flower

This Chinese medicinal plant looks quite happy at its urban home in the mid-Atlantic. See the balloons? The root is used  for “shao yang” level disease manifesting as heat above with sore throat or acne. Of course, I can’t harvest … Read More